I've been using the Pro Speedrope to get my clients into excellent cardiovascular shape. The  weighted rope makes jumping rope feel effortless and enhances my clients' coordination. It's a great complement to our strength training workouts as it is probably one of the best ways to keep the heart rate elevated during  strength training sets.
Ariane Hundt, New York City Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
Founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp


 Remy Bonjasky, 3-time K-1 World-Champion - Bonjasky-Academy

 Torsten May, Boxing World-Champion Half-Heavy-Weight, Olympia-Champion
Maylife Boxclub

  Rüdiger May, German Boxing Champion Cruiser Weight

  Yasin Mengüllüoglu, German Champion 2007 Free Fight
and the Team DUKE are using the PROspeedrope. Yasin is coordinator for EBMAS WingTzun and personal student from Sifu Emin Botztepe

  Dr. Wladimir Klitschko, Box World Champion IBF, WBO, IBO, Olympia Champion 1996

  Norbert Dobeleit, TV-Moderator (Sport), Bronce Medal 1988 Seol 4x400m Staffel

  Sonya Kraus, TV Moderator, Designer Sonya Kraus