Fitness training is a benefit to your health, makes you attractive and consequently makes you a content and happy person. In the following, you will find some useful information and interesting facts in regard to fitness training with a jumping rope.   

Fitness training such as jump roping in particular has a positive effect upon the cardiovascular system.

Fitness training represents an essential contribution to the development of a good physical and mental condition. It helps burn unwanted fat, strengthens your immune system, and often also improves the blood count. In addition, persistent and consistent training leads to the release of hormones, the so-called endorphins, which contribute to our well-feeling and psychic balance.   

Good physical fitness is indicated by a low resting pulse rate. In comparison to an untrained heart which features approximately 70 to 80 beats per minute, the hearts of athletes feature a pulse rate of 60 beats per minute. Consequently, the pulse rate of a fit person exposed to strain will go back to normal faster, in other words recover faster, compared to an untrained person. Other additional advantages connected with regular training are an improved flow of the blood, better cholesterol and blood lipid values and numerous other positive effects. One other point which is in particular worth mentioning is the regulating effect upon the blood pressure. The often expressed quote that it is indeed possible to maintain the condition of a 40 year old for a period of 20 years is in no way an empty phrase. This fact is backed by numerous scientific studies.

The easiest and most effective measure for "Anti-Aging" is simply 2 to 4 hours of sports per week distributed over three to four days involving as many muscle groups as possible.   

Rope jumping is far more effective than many popular aerobic exercises. For instance, a man with a body weight of 80 kg can burn up to 500 calories within 15 minutes working out with a rope. This is sufficient to get rid of approximately one pound of unwanted fat within merely one week. You would require three times as much time using an ergometer or stepper to reach the same effect.

The reason rope jumping is so efficient is the fact that it virtually involves all muscles of the body. Most types of cardiovascular exercises (using an ergometer or stepper) are focused on the lower body regions. Practised over a longer period, this can lead to fatigue symptoms at the knee and ankle joints.

Another argument is the little space required for rope jumping. You can do it virtually anywhere, the living room, the gangway, on the terrace, or in the cellar. As a jumping rope is small and compact, you can even take it along and workout when you are travelling.