The founder of the PROspeedrope®, a registered trademark, Thomas Käbisch is himself actively involved in martial arts (taekwondo, boxing) and jumps at a rate of approximately 160 steps per minute just to warm up. “This rate will usually take you to the limits of conventional jump ropes”.  The ropes available on the market were just not able to meet his demands. Therefore, the „multi-sport athlete and technician“ felt compelled to develop his own "speed-rope". The key elements of the subsequently developed rope are the steel ball bearings and the 90°deflection made of heavy-duty PA6.6. It is this combination which in the first place enables the smooth run, the high speed and subsequently the high level of durability. “Initially only indented for myself and a few of my colleague athletes, I was surprised to find out that my jump rope not only found a warm local reception but also aroused international interest in the course of time”.    

Regardless whether it is for professional or amateur use or merely just for fitness, throughout all age groups and sports, the robust all-round sport device is consistently gaining in popularity. 

The PROspeedrope® is available here in the online store.

Our planning for the future also includes to further extend the marketing network of the PROspeedrope®, not only to establish the same as standard in the premium market segment, but also to make the same available at the sports shop around the corner all over the world.