PROspeedrope® quality jump ropes

Fast, extremely durable and individually adjustable – these are the outstanding product features of the PROspeedrope® jump ropes made in Germany. Designed for daily use, premium ball bearings combined with a 90°rope deflection prevent wear at the rope ends and additionally ensure for a perfect arch of the rope. The steel rope with a PVC jacket, although thin and flexible, still disposes of sufficient weight to enable high speeds of up to 200 revolutions per minute.  The PA6 (polyamide) compact massive handles as such already dispose of the virtually ideal own weight, which can be optimised with the integrated precision adjusting screws. The rope length is easy to adjust to perfect individual fit at all times and therefore makes the PROspeedrope® jump rope the perfectly aligned training device for any athlete. 


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PROspeedrope® CF - that's the jump rope for double unders! ....get it here:  PROspeedrope® online-store